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Shanhaiguan Greatwall

Located on the shore of the Bohai Sea about 4 kilometers away from the city of Shanhaiguan,LaoLongTou is the starting point of the Ming-Dynasty Great Wall .Set against the moutain and facing the sea, the 11 metres high wall was contructed weth stones at its base, with a section of about 25 metres extending down to the sea. It is called ‘The Stone Wall Entering the sea’ and was built by Qijiguang. Commander of the garrison troops at Jizhen in the MingDyasty. The huge stone wall looks like a dragon’s head poking into the wast sea head LaoLongTou consists of the wall extending to the sea.Jinglutai, Nanhaikouguan an Chenghailou. The tower of Chenghailou was first built in the MingDynasty an rebuilt during the Kangxi an Qianlong Periods of the Qing. Hung on it are two horizontal boards. One of witch has insciptions written by Sun Chengzong , a high official of the Ming and the other with inscriptions by Emperor Qianlong of the QING On the wall of the buiding are inlaid several stone tablets with inscriptions written by famous people of past dynasties .On the southern sids of the ower is a huge stone tablet weth four characters carved on it At laolongtou one can enjoy a panormic view of the vast sky, the boundless surging sea and the magnificent ranging moutains.

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