All participants are required to read, understand, and follow the race rules outlined below as well as any rules introduced at the pre-race meeting or on race day.

  1. Participants must follow the designated route, no shortcuts, no means of transportation, and no external force. If the player’s trajectory does not match the trajectory announced by the organizing committee, once it is discovered or confirmed by a report, the qualification and results of the competition will be immediately disqualified.
  2. Each player must pass and complete the check-in points. There will be multiple check-in points in the race. The absence of any check-in point record will be regarded as a violation of the race rules and the result of the race will be canceled.
  3. The bib number must be worn in a conspicuous position during the race. In order to eliminate the behavior of alternate running and rubbing, contestants must take the initiative to show the number when entering the aid station, and the organizing committee has the right to refuse the replenishment of those who refuse to cooperate.
  4. Competitors must carry mandatory equipment throughout the journey. Compulsory equipment will be checked during the competition. If it is not carried in accordance with the regulations, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the qualifications and results.
  5. Competitors who need to retire on the course must arrive at the nearest check-in point and inform the staff to sign a withdrawal statement at the check-in point and wait for the organizing committee to arrange for the vehicle to return to the start and finish point; physical conditions cannot reach the check-in point runners who do not need to call the contact number on the bib to notify the organizing committee and wait for the organizing committee to arrange vehicles and personnel for transfer.
  6. Runners who cannot reach the check-in point within the closing cut-off time will be disqualified from continuing to participate in the competition; they must sign a withdrawal statement at the closed check-in point and wait for the organizing committee to arrange for the vehicle to return to the finish line.
  7. Runners who need to be rescued in case of accident or emergency on the course are suggested to call the contact number on the bib to notify the organizing committee; if you are in a remote mountain, waiting for rescuers to arrive, you can use the simple medical supplies for self-rescue, put on a life-saving blanket, and wait for rescue.
  8. The organizing committee will purchase group accident insurance for all contestants on the day of the competition. If players need to increase the types and shares of insurance, they must purchase and bear the cost by themselves.
  9. The entire course is dominated by scenic spots and natural tracks. During the race, athletes must ensure that the cultural relics, scenic equipment and facilities, and vegetation in the race route are not damaged or littered by humans. If any of the above behaviors are found, those who refuse to make corrections after persuasion will be immediately canceled as soon as the results are verified. If the circumstances are serious, the person in question will be handed over to the public security organs for handling.
  10. Athletes must follow the guidelines of the outdoor sport of “no traces in the mountains and wilds”; if staff, volunteers, or other runners find littering during the race, once verified, the organizing committee has the right to cancel their results; runners are suggested to supervise and report to each other.
  11. This is a cup less race. Disposable paper cups will not be provided at all supply points in this competition. Contestants, volunteers, and staff must bring their own drinking utensils for filling and drinking.
  12. During the race, it is strictly forbidden to bring fire into the mountains, and smoking is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, the competition qualification will be disqualified; the relevant departments will deal with the consequences in accordance with the law.
  13. Runners are requested to pay attention to the etiquette of the race. When passing through the village, they must be civil and polite, and must not trample on farmland and orchards, and must not harass the villagers’ livestock and poultry.
  14. This event prohibits registered contestants to transfer or lend number bibs to others privately. If a substitute runner is found during the race, the number bib and timing bracelet will be expelled from the track. The organizing committee will not be responsible for serious consequences caused by the substitute running, and all responsibilities shall be borne by both parties.
  15. We do not condone any illegal running behaviors. Those who make fake bibs privately or use other race bibs to pretend to be the race bibs, the organizing committee has the right to refuse to enter the replenishment station to enjoy the replenishment provided by the organizing committee to normal competitors. All of the consequences caused by running away have nothing to do with the organizing committee, and the parties involved are responsible for themselves.
  16. It is strictly forbidden to make dangerous actions on the course that endanger the safety of yourself or others. It is strictly forbidden to conduct behaviors on the course that may mislead other players (i.e, lying on the track and sleeping). Please not that there is no traffic control during the competition. Keep right when passing the highway and avoid tourists, pedestrians, and vehicles.
  17. Assist runners who are injured or in bad condition. The runner(s) and organizing committee will be very grateful for your kind deeds.
  18. For any rules not mentioned here, the organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation.



The following mandatory equipment is required for participants:

Mandatory Equipment168km110km70km42km
Race Bib (By organizer)
Race Chip (By organizer)
GPS (By organizer) 
Lifesaving blanket (By organizer)
Head lamp and batteries
≥1.5 Litter water hydration pack
Mobile phone (Full charged)
Energy bars
Extra dry and warm race gear
First-aid kit

The above mandatory equipment will be spot-checked at the equipment collection point and the track supply station.
Participants who fail to prepare as required will be disqualified or judged according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

Safety first, please consciously bring along the right equipment!
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