160K (Event Ticket Only)


The 160K (~100 mile) run is the ultimate endurance achievement for runners. The Shanhaiguan Great Wall Trail Race course is easily one of the most beautiful, rewarding, and challenging courses you can experience.  By running this course, you will get to view the sections of the Great Wall of China that are rarely experienced by anyone except for a few select natives who inhabit the landscape.


*This package only includes the event ticket for the marathon run.


Our Most Challenging Race Yet!

PLEASE NOTE: The 160K run is an extremely difficult trail race with a finish rate of 37%. It is suggested that you train yourself for this marathon run event, and ensure you are in your top physical and top mental condition.



📍Starting point is Bingtangyu (冰塘峪)
10/14/2022 08:00AM – 10/17/2021 14:00PM (2-DAY RACE)


 GAIN: 8,439M
 DECENT: 9,005M
 AID STATIONS:14 total
 CUT-OFF TIME: 48 hours



Start – Bingtangyu (冰塘峪) 14:00PM
Ying En Building (迎恩楼) 16:00PM
Kakuyama (角山) 19:00PM
Changshou Mountain (长寿山) 24:00AM
  Jiumenkou (九门口) – Gear Changes Point (换装点) 06:00AM
Huangtuling (黄土岭) 09:00AM
Miao Chengzi (苗城子) 11:00AM
Dongjiakou (董家口) 12:00PM
Pingdingyu (平顶峪) 15:00PM
10  Haicheng Town (闗城小镇) 19:00PM
11  Beigou Village (北沟村) 24:00AM
12   Tiannv Town (天女小镇) – Gear Changes Point (换装点) 03:00AM
13  Dongyugou (东峪沟) 08:00AM
14  Tiannvfeng Parking Lot (天女峰停车场) 11:00AM
15  Huaguoshan (花果山) 13:00PM
16  Finish – Bingtangyu Grand Canyon (冰塘峪大峡谷) 14:00PM


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